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Tuition Fees at the University of Graz – English Version

The summary of the new tuition fee regulation is now also available in English:


Tuition Fees at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz – Regulations for Summer Term 2013

Summary of tuition fee regulations, in effect since the start of the summer term of 2013 (January 2013)

On December 21st 2012, a new law has passed the Austrian Bundesrat regulating tuition fees for Austrian universities, starting in the summer term 2013. Two weeks ago, the Karl-Franzens-University Graz started to send out payment forms for ÖH-membership and tuition fees. Students with citizenship of non-EU-countries will almost invariably get a payment form listing a fee of € 726,72 (tuition) plus € 18,00 (ÖH-membership and liability insurance), but the tuition fee may be exempted or refunded for persons meeting certain criteria.

The ÖH-membership fee is mandatory for all students and independent from tuition status and must be paid (using the payment form or transaction data listed in Uni-Graz-Online) to continue enrolment at the University. The membership fee also includes liability and accident insurance during all university courses and events and the way to and from these courses and events.

Tuition status depends on multiple criteria like nationality, residence permit status, duration of used semesters per field of study. These are the criteria:

Citizens of Austria, EU- or EEA-Countries

Citizens of EEA-Countries (European Economic Area) are exempt from tuition fees for the minimal period of study (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programmes) or minimal period of each stage of a Diploma programme, plus two tolerance terms. Students exceeding this tolerance period are required to pay € 363,36 plus € 18,00. The amount of consumed terms for each study programme can be viewed in UGO via the „Studienstatus“ menu item. Students exceeding the tolerance period may be eligible for an extension of the tolerance period or exception from the fee or refunding of the fee on other grounds:

  • Student grants
  • Yearly income exceeding € 5.267,26
  • Pregnancy or child care
  • Illness or disability spanning more than three months
  • Military or alternative civilian service
  • Terms abroad
  • Study leave (Beurlaubung)

Further information on these exemption grounds can be found here.

Citizens of Non-EU- or EEA-Countries

Students that are citizens of countries listed in Attachment 3 of the Studienbeitragsverordnung (StuBeiV, german) are unconditionally exempt from tuition fees.

Students with a residence permit status other than „Student“ will be treated as if they were citizens of Austria.

Students listed in § 1 of the Personengruppenverordnung are also treated as if they were citizens of Austria. This includes:

  • Foreign Journalists which are accredited and occupied regularly in Austria, including their spouses and children.
  • Persons that have been living in Austria for five consecutive years, or are eligible for support from persons that have been living in Austria for five consecutive years (i.e. spouses, parents).
  • Persons receiving grants for their study programme on grounds of national treaties or from Austrian regional administrative units that are to be used as study grants.
  • Persons with secondary school certificates of Austrian foreign schools

Students that are citizens of countries listed in Attachments 1 or 2 of the Studienbeitragsverordnung (StuBeiV, german) are eligible for refunding of the tuition fees, if they have accumulated 12 ECTS-Credits in the term for which they have paid the tuition fee. From the summer term of 2013 onwards, these students are required to pay € 726,72.

Students that have a residency permit status of „Student“ and meet none of the criteria listed above are required to pay € 726,72.

Students in non-degree programmes

Students in non-degree programmes that are not enrolled in an university-level course (for which separate tuition fees are prescribed) are required to pay € 363,36.

Will there be a lawsuit?

No, the new regulation is now part of Austrian law. The ÖH has filed lawsuits against the tuition fees of the past winter term (2012/2013) because these were autonomously levied by the University without legal backing. This summer term, regulations for study fees have (again) been passed into law by the Austrian government. Therefore, lawsuits against the new law have very little chances of success, except against the backdated legalization of the tuition fees of the winter term 2012/2013, which is already part of the lawsuits already filed by ÖH.


Ausführliche Beschreibung der Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung

Studienbeitragsverordnung (StuBeiV) und Zusammenfassung der Länder aus Anlage 3


Universitätsgesetz und Bundesgesetzblatt der Änderung

Einteilung des Studienjahres


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  1. zoya sagt:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please confirm that the amount of tuition fee is € 726,72 or € 726.72 for international students?



    Zoya Bano.

    • bipol sagt:

      Hello Zoya!

      I hereby confirm the information contained in this article.

      I will also take the liberty to emphasize that the exact amount depends drastically on citizenship and residency status in Austria and that in addition to the tuition fees, there is a ÖH membership fee of 17.50€ – just as laid out in this article.


      Leopold Lindenbauer

  2. Saroshovic sagt:

    Is the tuition fee mentioned above for one year or for one semester?